Feature Summary

Measured Ball And Club Data – Fast

Meet APOGEE – the newest camera-based Launch Monitor from TruGolf.

APOGEE is a launch monitor that measures Ball and Club data. Built with a new array of vision algorithms called INSTANT IMPACT, the system does not require marked balls or clubs.

INSTANT IMPACT and APOGEE’s onboard processor provides a lag-free gameplay experience, erasing any gap between ball-strike and simulated flight.

Seeing Is Believing

View, re-view, scrutinize, and brag about every shot with APOGEE’S Point of Impact interface. Point of Impact (POI) provides a slow-motion, scrubbable, video playback of your club’s action through the ball.

Play It As It Lies

APOGEE uses an automatic Laser Indicator to draw an 8”x10” Tee Box for players before every shot. The Laser disappears as soon as the ball is at rest in a valid hitting location, demonstrating that APOGEE is ready to capture
the shot.

Visual confirmation that users have positioned each shot in a readable location minimizes frustrating do-overs or uncaptured shots.


$45 / Hour

Average Time

Number of Players9 Holes18 Holes
1-1 Hour
21 Hour2 Hours
42 Hours4 Hours
  • All players clubs and shoes must be cleaned prior to using simulators
  • If using your own golf balls, they must be cleaned and have no markings on them. (Prefer brand new balls)
  • No food or drink allowed in hitting bays
  • We suggest looking at our course list prior to coming so time isn’t wasted searching for a course
  • Sign up for an E6 account to track your stats and many more features

Course List

Pebble Beach® Golf Links

The Links at Spanish Bay®

Spyglass Hill® Golf Course

Oakmont Country Club

…and many more!


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