Our Past & Future

Twin Ponds History

Twin Ponds Golf & Country Club is located on what was once known as the Campbell Estate.

Samuel Campbell, born in Scotland on February 14, 1809, arrived in New York Mills at the invitation of Benjamin Walcott Sr. Samuel began working as a spinner in the mills and soon rose through the supervisory ranks to become superintendent of all the mills.

In 1843, Samuel Campbell (along with William D. Walcott) purchased the Oneida Manufacturing Society, which at the time was the corporate name. Samuel’s success in managing the Society is demonstrated by the vast size of his estate, which includes all of the land that is currently known as Twin Ponds Golf & Country Club.

In 1946, Sam and Jim Girmonde (Jim retired in 1968) purchased the Campbell property. Even though the original homestead had burned down, Sam renovated the remaining structures (a barn and carriage house) into present day Twin Ponds. The roof of the original barn can be seen as you approach the facility.

The Girmonde family continues into the 4th generation as the owners of Twin Ponds, an elegant but affordable banquet facility and public 18 hole golf course. Joe Girmonde (Sam’s son) and David (Joe’s son) have recently welcomed David (David’s son) into the family business. He has a Bachelor of Science degree in Global Business from Arizona State University. 2010 was a busy year with young David on board remodeling the banquet facility in elegant ivory, cream, and champagne décor along with new carpets, ceilings, dance floor, entrance ways, and fountains.

The Girmonde’s take pride in their well manicured golf course and the beautiful outdoor gardens, which bloom throughout the growing seasons with a huge variety of perennials and annuals. The garden has played host to many wedding ceremonies and is ideal for picture taking before your receptions. There are no gardens in the city like Twin Ponds’.