WEDDING WEDNESDAY: Read before you sign any contracts. And learn to be versatile 💍🤵👰

Couples should do their due diligence in selecting suppliers and before contracting any wedding services, including the venue. Do your homework and find the most reputable suppliers for your special occasion. Many couples still shop for the lowest price and find themselves getting what they paid for – the lowest cost and quality. Budget for a contingency plan. Murphy’s Law does exist. What could go wrong could go wrong on one’s wedding day. That might include a tornado or even civil arrest. What is plan B? If hosted outdoors, do you have a plan in case it rains? If there’s an unexpected protest taking place near your location, how will you deal with this situation? How is your venue prepared to handle such a situation? Read the contract and make sure you know what you are signing. If you must cancel or alter your wedding plans, is your deposit refundable – and if so, how much? What is the time frame for changes to be made? What’s included and excluded in your wedding package? What’s your liability, and are you adequately prepared for those? If you have questions about clauses in the contract, address the matter with your vendor. If needed, seek the assistance of an attorney to protect your interest. Be flexible! Mother Nature does exist. Even if you’ve already planned specific flowers, weather conditions have a way of altering your choices.

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